Monday, 21 November 2016

Just me airing my thoughts....

It has been such a long time since I came on here, so much has happened which has been a surprise to me but I think it has changed the way I'm thinking about things. I have been paper crafting for such a long time but now I can't get back into it.

September I was diagnosed with cancer of the soft pallet in my mouth which was such a shock but it is what it is and I have been through the process of having it removed which has left a hole in the roof of my mouth so I have had to have a plate put on the roof of my mouth with a section which goes into the hole they have left after taking the cancer out.

I had to go back and have that plate removed it had to be done under anaesthesia due to the fact it was screwed in. So now I can smile again as I have a plate with teeth but this is still only temporary but it has a denture so at last I have teeth. This new plate is still screwed in so I will have to have more surgery to have it changed over for my permanent plate.

Since I have had the surgery I don't want to craft any more and I'm having a battle with myself as I have so much stuff and I would like to keep my pen pals and we do something crafty when we reply but I feel like throwing all this stuff away and just keep so very special things which I know I will use. I just can't seem to start the process as I don't know how to sells some of the stuff, I suppose I could use facebook or eBay then having to put prices onto everything!

I thought maybe writing on here each day could help me come to terms with what I want I hope it helps me to do just that :)

Thank you for popping by and reading my journey so far...

Love ~ Lady Anne xxx