Monday 17 August 2015

Just been playing with Junk Journaling

Just been playing with Junk Journalling and thought I would show you what I have made, it is my first one and it is for a swap so all I did was to make a signature and my partner will send me a signature and I have the cover all ready to use for it.

The printed pages I bought from Ephemera's Garden The other papers is plain papers, labels and envelopes that I tea/coffee stained
I used the 3 hole stitch to put them together. All the pages are not shown here but this is just an example of the pages I did.

I have made the cover using Cavallini File Folders I have made pockets as part of the cover front and back but I think the back pocket is far to big so I will bring that out and use it to close the journal by bringing it round to the front and fasten it off. I will post a picture when it is complete.


  1. It looks great, Lady Anne.

  2. Gosh Lady Anne this looks great. So much detail, your partner will be thrilled. xo

  3. Ah loving this awesome to see your journal. hugs.xx

  4. wow! love seeing what you are up to with your "junk" journal, Anne! Such fun! hugs, de

  5. This looks like fun, do you use scraps and things like that or mix it with new things?
    Hugs, Elenor

    1. Hello Elenor, you can use anything to make up these books, I used plain printing paper but I had some papers which I bought and printed out too but you can use scrap paper if you wish. I love them as I have started to journal and it is lovely to add things which I get as memories such as the postcard from you that now is in my journal :)
      Love to you my friend ~ Lady Anne xxx

  6. Thank you for showing me your lovely Junk Journals, they are so beautiful. And a lovely way to store special memories xx


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Love ~ Anne xx