Thursday 5 November 2015

Aussie Annie's new blog

Aussie Annie has had to start a new blog for something which wasn't her fault so I thought I would put her link to her new blog here so you can all start to follow her.

The Journey is the Start

Annie is kindly doing  Christmas Blog Candy
So check it out:
I wish her good luck with her new blog and I hope you will all follow her as she does some fabulous work and is so creative, she always inspires me...



  1. You are so sweet Anne, I appreciate this my friend...I changed the size of my blog page as my computer screen is very wide and some had problems finding the 'follow' button as you did. It should be much better now....hugs to you and thank you very much.xx
     { aNNie}

  2. Hello Anne, I have posted about Aussie Annie x
    Love your tied up card x


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