Saturday 23 July 2016

A new Album using...

A new Album using Jennifer's templates click here I just love her work and she has some fabulous videos to watch, so check her out.

OK so here is a small album but I shall be sending it at some point as a flip book, I love the art work which is Jennifer's, such a clever young lady :) There are three albums to make with this set. I just printed the whole thing onto card then put it together by stitching the pages to the spine.

Thank you for visiting and it would be lovely if you could let me know what you think as I love to read your messages :)


  1. What a lovely way to make an album. I shall watch the lady's video with interest! Your album looks beautiful, Lady Anne. I am so glad I stopped by. I have not been too active on my blog lately and must do something about that. I have been concentrating on instead :) Love and hugs! xx

  2. You've really mastered the making of journals. I, on the other hand, am grateful when I finish just a card or a gift set. I do love having a ready supply of cards, however, so I can just pluck one out of the box when I need to write a thank you note or whatever.


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