Sunday 28 September 2014

Creative Blog Hop ~ My turn!!!

I have been honoured to be invited to join in a Creative Blog Hop by my good friend Susan Lake who I have know for a little while and I admire greatly.

The Creative Blog Hop asks us to answer 4 questions about ourselves and is a way of introducing you to somebody else and learning a bit more about each of us.


I have so many things I am curently working on, I have two thank you cards which I want to get done for two very special ladies who are helping my sister who is terminally ill but lives so far away from me and they go round to her and help her still to be able to make cards which she loves to do. As they are card makers I'm finding it hard as I want to do something incredible for them!

I also have an order to make a mini album for a couple in Spain who will be celebrating their 1st anniversary which will be special as the 1st anniversary always is.

I also have a very special birthday card for my niece who I love very much and will be turning 60 in October, so yes I have a few things that need to be done.


I think we all have our own unique style that is why making our own cards becomes so special. I watch a lot of videos on card making and especially mini album making but mine never turns out like theirs as I have a uniqueness of my own. I am apt to just put it together but I notice others set their stall out, I have tried doing that but I don't use the things I set out so I just go with "Aunty Flo"


I have always wanted to be artistic but I can't draw and if I paint it is a mess most of the times mind you I haven't given up on it! This way I can show my artistic flare and it satisfies that feeling within me. I love also the appreciation from others when they receive something I have made it is a wonderful feeling.


I don't really know but when I do make something I do it with that person in mind, I think about them and what they love or like and I try to make something I know they will enjoy. I love colour, any colour there isn't a colour I dislike as they all mean something to me. So the colour of the project means a lot to me so that is what I would choose first then I will go from there.

Now I have the pleasure of introducing a very lovely artistic lady who was the only one to take up the challenge Angela Haynes and her blog is called Crafting with Jack Angela has so many arrows to her bow and I'm sure you will enjoy visiting her next Monday for her hop...

My name is Angela Hoynes and my designer name is CraftingWith Jack.  As there already was an AK Designs crafting site I sat at my computer trying to think of a name.  As usual, my dog Jack decided I had spent far too long with out giving him some attention.  So I made a fuss of him, put him down and was going to return to the computer,but Jack had other ideas and jumped back up for another cuddle!  Suddenly the name "Crafting With Jack" was born!  Of course a couple of years later my designing name could have been "Crafting With Annie", but that's another story!

I love to design and have done my own designs for cross stitch, knitting, cards, digital stamps, scrap book elements and pages.  Currently I am focusing on my art and I am doing an art journal and improving my drawing skills.  On my blog I regularly give away a variety of freebies which include vintage images and digital stamps.

Now I will show you a Friendship Page I made for the Vintage and Beyond, we do these different pages one each month to make up an album of friends pages, it is a lovely idea.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit with me today, please leave a comment I would love to know what you think...
Love ~ Lady Anne xxx


  1. Beautiful friendship page you made and great to learn some more things about you and your creativity! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  2. I enjoyed reading the answers to your questions, Lady Anne, and also getting to read a little more about Angela. I could not find a link to Angela's blog though? So glad you both enjoyed taking part in the Creative Blog Hop! I love your friendship page. The idea of making an album of everyone's pages is a wonderful one. Hugs! xx

  3. I enjoyed visiting:) I think it's nice to know more about each other.

  4. Beautiful Anne. Wonderful style.


Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate it. I just love reading what everyone has had to say. I hope you will come back soon...
Love ~ Anne xx